Project Minima:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Day 26 MMM'19: Memorial Day Whites

This is just a test:
But go ahead and do it anyway
~ Do I Look Like I'm ... ~

  1.   in an ad for Magnolia Pearl Clothing?
  2.   a Victorian fairy?
  3.   modeling for Gustave Klimt (sans glasses)?
  4.   ready for here comes the bride?
  5.   dressed to kill?
  6.   all of the above
  7.   none of the above
  8.   other (add your selection in comments)

 Okay then, let's get the show on the road.

~ I know, I look better in infrared ~

But this is my real world, bay-bee.

~ and really, it all started with THE shoes ~

But first, what am I wearing?

  • 1st layer is an old linen jumper that I refashioned into a vest long, long ago.  Adding lace here and there as one is want to do, and big ole pockets out of upholstery fabric.
  • 2nd layer is an old lace tablecloth messed around with to turn into what I have on.
  • 3rd layer is a linen gauze slip made from Tina Givens Priscilla pattern.
  • 4th layer are the gauze & lace shorts refashioned with added organza and made into pantaloons.

~ the back view ~

Wherein you might exclaim, "What's that on her head?!"  But then again, you might not.  I've already worn it once a few days ago without embellishment.  Now I think I have it just right.  It needed ropes of pearls, ladies, not a dye job.  Yes.

~ Let's zoom in for the detail ~

~ and another vantage point ~

Oh my.  I just whipped these pearls from off my dress and up and around my hat in a flash (without even looking) because it just had to be.  Otherwise I couldn't stand all that twee.  Which is why I put the hat on in the first place.

~ and the golden Trippens that started it all, from ebay ~

I'll be joining Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style when she goes live.  And Catherine's I Will Wear what I Like as well.  Hope to see you all there.  Oh, oh, and I simply must do Judith's Hat Attack for May!  Do Come on by!

See you later,


  1. That's very different for you but fascinating, all those interesting textures and details. I'd say more Belle Epoque than anything else, you need a manservant and a croquet set, darling! xxx

    1. Let's just say I probably wouldn't go farther than my balcony in this get up. I do luv a good croquet game. But I don't know if my shoes would hold up well with a good whack of the ball.

  2. Fascinating how the first shot looks like blossom behind you.
    I just love the history of your pieces. Don't all the layers become annoying?
    As Vix said, such glorious texture...and those pearls!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yeah, it was something that the infrared did with the leaves. The layers are all very thin lace or gauze, except for the linen vest and that's thin too. Plus it's still cool outside. When I'm working inside I did divest myself of the pearls, hat and vest however. The rest is so comfortable, I could sleep in it.

  3. Love this layering and texturing and wow - the headpiece is so cool. You're the cover of Pao Style magazine, xox.


  4. Since you asked, I'm going with Fairy Bride! You are inspirational like no other. I want to go look for a jumper to turn into a vest (with added pockets) and find a lace tablecloth to...

    1. Well there you go, KimMalk. This was all stuff I had laying around the house, or made and re-made long ago. The most recent being the helmet which was from a scrap of canvas leftover from my True Love's painting. Oh, and the shoes from ebay. Have fun!

  5. Victorian Fairy springs to mind for me. Those gold Trippens are quite something.As a non sewer I am quite in awe of your skills.

    1. The golden Trippens are fairy slippers for sure! I was unable to resist them. Thanks for the sewing compliment, Jill James. Though what I'm wearing is more an accumulation of sewing adventures than anything brought about by skill.

  6. Love that infra-red! You are playing the part of a downstairs maid in 'Downton Abbey' but you are really plotting the overthrow of the government of the day.. am I getting carried away ; )) ?

    1. Me too. I wanted a B&W shot and when I switched to it there were all these choices. Infrared got it.
      That's a great back story, keep going. I want to see what I do next!

  7. Could be a character in a Shakespeare play, to my eye. Your shoes are so wonderful I can hardly bear it. I love the puma ones from tomorrow, too. How do you do it?

    1. oh I know, Radostin. I fell in love with the shoes the moment I saw them and I paid too much for them. But as luck would have it, I was reimbursed substantially for a small flaw. (See that bit of ripple on the side of the shoe to the right?) yeah.

      I look at ebay shoes nearly everyday. And I have saved searches for my favorites like Trippen, Docs, etc.