Project Minima:

Friday, July 8, 2011

De Construction Zone

Artwork by Peter Callesen
Haven't been dilly-dallying, I've been Mz. Seam Ripper Extraordinaire, if I do say so myself.  For days on end, I've been de-constructing and then re-constructing this old pink linen suit.  A major rehabilitation took place and I have the pix to prove it...more or less.  I forgot to take the before shots again.

Anyway, I removed the funky poofy patch pockets on the front of the jacket and the
elastic packet across the middle of the back. Then I carefully removed all 6 French seams along the fitted jacket to add a bunch of inches in girth and resewed it all back together again.  I inserted some wide satin ribbon at the side bottom of the jacket and side top of the pants that line up together when its worn.  I also extended the front of the jacket with a length of satin ribbon that I attached the buttons to. Let out some seams in the pants, and redid the drawstring aspect of the pants.  So check out the pix already.

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