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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reverse Engineering?

Sculpture by Mary Tuma
Yes, I think that's what I've been doing...along with my other tools of the trade: de-constructing (with a specialty in seam ripping).  It all sounds so much better with the labels, don't ya think?

After days of the aforementioned activities, I produced a lovely outfit.  Yes, I would have to classify it as an outfit, even though it is quite casual and comfy.  Again, no before pix, but you can see the after effects. 

It all started out as 3 pieces in dark gray cotton I'd made a long time ago:  a tank top, a pair of shorts, and some capri-ish pants - none of which fit.  I sacrificed the shorts to put sleeves on the top and enlarge the pants to fit plus added back pockets.

Then I found a scrap of dark gray silk that I added to the hem of the tank.  I didn't hang well, so I started slitting it and letting it ravel a bit (how cool by the way, that it was gray because it was made from white thread going one way and black thread going the other way - therefore my natural fringe was black along the hemline and white along the slits!)  Well one slit lead to another and it ended up as you see it -which only added to the Asian flavor I do believe.  Then I added a bit of the silk to the end of the sleeves just to tie it all together.  An outfit was born.

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