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Friday, July 1, 2011

Pet Peeves Reckoned With

Cake Dress by Lukka Sigurdardottir
Okay, I've been cooking today, man. Nothing special, just basics. [pay no attention to the lady eating her cake...]   What I did was hem up a light-weight cotton shirt I have (same shirt in several colors, so more to come...) It had a very long tail in back, so I did it up all 'round and it looks much neater and stylin'. yea.

And I finally got rid of some troublesome back pockets on an old pair of denim capris that I liked. They had big metal zippers that constantly got snagged on everything. Note to self: when you remove denim attachments from old faded denim clothes, you will be left with a big ole dark area of the same size. yep. So...

I found another pair of similarly faded denim straight leg pants in my pile of stuff (that doesn't fit/work/don't like) and cut the bottom hemmed part of the leg off. Are you with me here? (Hey, I have pictures!) I cut the cut off piece in half and formed a pocket from each piece, with the hemmed part as the top of the pocket. Then just sewed it on. ta dah.

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