Project Minima:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did I Lose My Head?

Sculpture by Janet Cooper
Maybe, maybe not.  Or maybe that's not even the question (see below).  Anyway, I've been working away - night and day, day and night - on some reconstruction.  Okay, not literally, but obsessively and excessively would be accurate.  It's this great skirt.  A gray cotton and gauze skirt.  Really.

But it's very intricate and I basically un-did it all.  All the layers, and ribbons, and lining, and french seams, the invisible zipper, and teeny waistband.  And of course, I did that many times over, because What was I thinking! or Where was my head?! incidents occurred on a regular basis.

But I also had some of those moments I usually only notice during art-making.   They're basically wordless, but a rough translation would be: How cool is that, man! or Wow, did you see what just happened?  Something like that.  And I'm not done yet.