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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Victoria / Victorian

Performance by Jana Sterbak
Ooo la la.  Off goes the top of an "ain't gonna happen" Victoria's Secret teddy and out comes a very sentimental-looking cotton brassiere.  (drat, again no before pix.)

Off goes the bottom of a one-piece Victorian undergarment, and out comes bloomer p.j.'s!  So cute.  For the bloomers all I did was cut the pants part off, add a wide white satin ribbon as a waist band, and threaded some elastic through it, and Voila.

The brassiere was a bit more complicated... 
I cut the bra part off the teddy, removed all the lace trim from the bottom of the teddy and reapplied it around the bottom of the bra. Added a bit of very thin elastic to the back, and crossed the straps because I hate it when they fall off my shoulders.  Then added another button hole and button to the front opening and covered the buttons and button holes with a layer of lace.  Sacre bleu.

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