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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hanging Up Your Clothes - DIY

Jean (of Dross into Gold) mentioned something about getting a spare bedroom/ dressing room into shape that didn't have enough closet space...
~ photograph by Aline Smithson ~
Since I was still in an organizing mood, I tidied mine up a bit and shot some pictures.  My true love and I had made a wooden shelving device for clothes and shoes several years ago to accommodate a spare room in our house.  It was inexpensive and easy to make.  And it's sectional so when we decided to relocated it to a different spare room, there was no problem fitting it in.

Here's some pictures...

It's very sturdy and we didn't do anything special - just got 1x12s of pine for the box-like frame and wood handrails or closet rods for the clothes to hang on.  They make hardware for those to slip into to.  And cut a couple more boards for the shoe shelves. 
One section has two racks for hanging tops and one bottom shelf for shoes

The other section is for longer items and has 3 shelves for shoes
We put an additional support behind the second one for longer clothes because it didn't have the support of the middle clothes rod.  You can see it peaking behind there if you look closely.  That's it.

There's also a large wooden chest of drawers used for whatever doesn't get put on hangers.  You know, for socks, underwear, p.j.s, jeans...but we didn't make that!

And in case you're wondering where His clothes are, well, he has his own big ole walk-in closet elsewhere, and he likes it very much, thank you.


  1. I like this...and I'm running out of closet rod space for my "inventory." Something like this may SOLVE the problem!

    1.'re not a cucumber slice anymore...uhoh. Kinda looks like the opposite end of the spectrum, Terri. hmmm.

      Yea, our solution to just about everything is build more shelves! Really, I swear we have, let's see - if I just count the ones we've built - 20 maybe.

  2. So you know how to make stuff too. Do your talents never end?

  3. wow. amazing - i love looking at the my clothes hanging.
    Xo Megan

    1. Seeing your clothes does help in choosing what to wear with what each day!