Project Minima:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

T-Shirt Tunic Mod

I've been working on a bunch of losing propositions lately.  ah well.  This is one I can lounge around in anyway.

Here we are...
It's a modification from a tunic top I saw on Refashion Co-op by Love Flow Creations.  When I tried it out in the original format it was gigantic on me (and I'm not a little person by any means).  So I reconfigured a smaller version out of old t-shirts I didn't much care for - just to see what would happen.  I basically used half the amount of t-shirts as recommended and my tunic was still quite huge.  Maybe if I used really small ones, it would work out better.  We'll see, another time.

You'll be able to see it's kind of kimono-esque in shape, if you check out the Clothes for Summer page.  It's actually made from 2 shirts: 1 faded navy and 1 deep purple.  The short sleeves I removed have been turned into patch pockets.


  1. Well, the great thing about your sewing skills is that if you really don't like your tunic, you can just turn it into something else! It does look comfy, though.

    1. Yes, yes true enough. Looking at the positive, always a good idea. Thanks for reminding me!