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Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Site at Graceland

I'm posing...
Here I am at Chicago's famous Graceland Cemetery standing in front of one of the more unusual monuments that grace its grounds.  Our sketching club has resumed Saturday morning outings here when class is out for summer.  I swear the temp. is a good 10 degrees cooler, the setting is beautiful with a man made lake, island, old, old trees, and exquisite monuments.  Plus no one ever comes here.  It's always quiet and empty.  And right in the middle of the city, near my house, and you can park!!!

Meanwhile, I'm wearing my newly remodeled sandals I posted about yesterday.  And a top and capris that I originally made from scratch and then refashioned to fit.  (Click on the items to get to the particular post.)

To see the amazing mausoleum I'm standing in front of, continue after the jump...

A full view
and a close up

Cool, huh?


  1. Cool. Your shoes jump out and the outfit looks great. Your shades are the best, too. You look like an "AHR-TEEST". (Big compliment)

    1. I am one. So thank goodness I look the part! But maybe it's the sketchbook that gives it away... Oh, I forgot to mention that the shades are from the $ store. Thanks for the grande complimente, Jean.

  2. love your shoes, they just pop! beautiful pictures..

    Xo Megan

    1. Hey Megan, They're just as colorful as yours - only without the mega, mega-heel!