Project Minima:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Linens and Things

Dug into my retired bedding for this one. 
~ painting by Antonio Macedo ~
The pillow cases had beautiful lace trim about 4 inches wide.  Made from 100% cotton, they had been laundered many, many times and were so soft.  

Referring to my Japanese Stylish Dress Book, I chose pattern X to create a topI must say, even though it's

marked one size fits all, it still came out quite large.  I wasn't sure about it at first.  I think what tipped the scales was the bit of lace ruffle I threw on as a decorative necklace/ scarf thingy when I wore it for my photo shoot (see Three's a Charm).  I'm adding some side seam pockets too.  You can see it close-up on the Clothes for Summer page.


  1. You are very talented! The white shirt is so unique and feminine in a good way. I really like the one made from a t-shirt too. Jeez, can I come over and be your apprentice? You don't live in Seattle do you? Probably not with my luck...

    One thing that really caught my eye in here is the gorgeous artistic way your bed sheets are placed on the bed. It looks like a painting....Oh jeez, and on second look I finally read the caption underneath. LOL

    1. Sure, come on over. There's a sewing rebellion meet-up once a month too. Chicago's not so far away, is it?

      You know, I did do a life size painting of my bed one time. While I was working on it I slept on the floor so I wouldn't disturb the bedding. Oh yea... you can actually see it if you want on my website ( under 'Interiors'

    2. Okay, I'm going to go check it out!

    3. Love all your work! It's so nice learning about the talents of fellow bloggers. I got a kick out of the banana still life. ;)

    4. I'm glad you liked the work, Joni. Thanks for looking.