Project Minima:

Friday, August 3, 2012

2 Misses and a Wee Success

painting by Declan Boyle.
Those 2 pieces I've been laboring over are done and done, like in over and out.  Misfires, flops.  The yellow capri redo looks desperate at the point of no return and the linen shift has in fact turned homely.  Better they just be put to rest in the recycle one day pile.  Again.  Maybe.  Never.  Whatever. 

So I just decided to do something fun, easy, and sure to please - I painted my shoes!

Check them out after the break...

Here's a similar type of sandal to the ones I painted:
they were a cross between these 2  beige-y  black platform sandals...
 And here's my newly painted old sandals:
turquoise, bright blue and orange!

With a view looking down:
on the feet with matching toe nail polish, no less!


  1. The color combinations are amazing. What did you use? I've never refashioned shoes before but I like the challenge.

    1. Hey Jean, I used some acrylic paints I had on hand: ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red deep and titanium white. I just mixed them up to get the colors I wanted and painted on one coat with a brush. The top was beige suede, the sole was canvas, and the bright blue part was cork. too much fun!

  2. What a fun project! I want to try some leather dyeing myself. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. My pleasure Beth, I saw your cool cut-out back dress at Recycled Fashion Finds.