Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Another Never Before Outfit

for MeMadeMay'18, Day 30

~ never before worn together, that is ~

And look at the mood they create. 

I don' know why, but it feels Asianesque to me.

~ or maybe it's just theatrical ~

 The pantaloons are similar to the black ones I've shown here.  

For the white ones I have on...

~ I stated with white gauze cotton shorts I had ~

~ then added organza using French seams and adding tucks ~

~ a very simple outfit! ~

And easy to sew too!  The dress is a Rachel Comey design from Vogue 1482 patterns made in a lovely fabric - a light weight, crinkled jacquard floral print.   


~ with Tsubo platform sandals from ebay ~

One disappointing thing:  when I received these shoes I couldn't keep them on when I walked.  They only worked standing still or sitting down.  phfft.

I don't know how I thought of this, but it worked perfectly.  I had some spare nude elastic, adjustable, detachable bra straps for a bra that could go strapless or not.  (I no longer had the bra, but I kept the straps, of course).

All I did was slip each end of the bra strap around each side of the sandal strap, wrapping it once around so it could fasten onto itself.  Voila!  It's nude-ish, it stretches, it doesn't accidentally come off, but it is removable and it works.

~ the end ~


  1. Ha! Now I can comment as me. Go figger.

    Definitely theatrical, lady. Swanning about in your transparent knickers. Heh! Good save on the shoes. I can’t believe how many pairs you’ve gotten without trying them on first. Ah-mazing.

    1. From Anonymous Damselfly to Louisa in just a day!
      'Swanning about in Transparent Knickers' would be a great title and surely drive up viewership. Someone said they were alluring. If you just looked at the same pix imagining them without the pantaloons, the outfit looks pedestrian. Bare legs is how I usually wear the dress. Interesting how adding sheerness changes an ensemble.

  2. That is lovely. You do that pattern proud.

  3. That dress would never be pedestrian, but the sheer pantaloons do take it up a notch for sure! I agree on the Asianesque. The shoe save is genius. This colour suits you.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Champagne and coral, you mean? Doesn't that sound good together? Or maybe I should say 'shrimp.' I cut my hair and I feel sooo much better.

  4. that is a clever fix for your shoe!

    1. Best use for a bra that I've come up with yet!

  5. There's definitely an Asian vibe going down with that tunic. I love how the red is echoed with the insole of the rescued sandal (genius idea!) Great hair. x

    1. I like that the sandals' insole make it look like I've painted my toe nails. Fancy that!


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