Project Minima:

Friday, May 25, 2018

Lounge Lizard

on MeMadeMay'18, Day 25

~ Do I look the part, or what? ~

~ "Lounge Lizard" ~

 I even put the label on the outside of my capris when I was remodeling them to fit.  Along with pink piping and leopard print jersey.

~ with drawstring pockets ~

The top was resized too, at another time.  

~ and lo and behold, it's the same leopard fabric ~

Well, what was I to do, but wear them together?

~ so I did ~

as today's workout wear,


The kimono top is the only thing I made from scratch in today's ensemble.  It's made out of chiffon with satin trim using an OOP Vogue pattern.  Seems I no longer have it (or it's gone underground in the studio).

~ with Rieker shoes from ebay ~

Back to the lounge...


  1. Ahh, reaching into the vaults!
    I love that you have a stunning shoe collection and they are all comfortable. None of those foot torture high heels to be seen!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, this is the time (MMM) that I make a concerted effort to wear what I don't often choose to wear. And re-learn that I do like the stuff from way back when. Or learn to mix them up.
      Never been a high heel person, platforms, yes. All for comfort here.

  2. all your outfits are glorious!