Project Minima:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"What are you wearing?!"

on MeMadeMay'18, Day 16

~ I'm postered ~

Yes, that's it.  This sort of just grew on me.  It doesn't quite work, but it's not all bad either.  Those shoes bug me the worst.  Too cloggy.  Everything else is semi-transparent, gauze, lace or chiffon.   Oh well.

~ here I am again, less poster-ized ~

(Ugh, don't look at those shoes.)   

Okay, I had to go to the wayback machine to get this stuff I made and never wore much.   The top is from the Folkwear Greek Island Dress pattern.  The navy gauze dress I renewed in 2011 back when I started Project Minima and then again today, when I raised the side slits to hip height.  The navy gauze pants were also renewed in 2011 by lengthening them with lace I had on hand and the addition of tiny blueberry buttons.

 If you'd like to see some close up pix of the individual pieces, continue after the break:

~ hand-sewn with gold metallic thread ~

~ back view, made of silk chiffon from an old sari ~

~ gauze dress rehab #1 with new top & side inserts ~

~ now with deep side slits ~
 I'm thinking of adding a center front and center back slit to the dress so it shows more of whatever I'm wearing underneath...what do you think?

~ the added frilliness done way back when ~

~ ditto ~
And that's a wrap.
Breaking with tradition, I am not going to show a close up of the shoes with the ensemble because they do not make it work.  It's bad enough as is.
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I'm swooning over that top! I love the Folkwear patterns but have yet to attempt one, they're so lovely to look at I'm scared of cutting mine up! x

    1. Ah yes, I can see you in the Greek Island Dress, Vix. Just do it!

  2. Well I LOVE this outfit - all the drapery, sheer layering. Inspiring! I wondered if the shoes feel so blocky because they blend into the width of the pant? So if the pant were somehow (temporarily) nipped at the ankle - a tie or button or snap - would that help this particular silhouette? Just a thought. But I still find this delightful just as it is!!! Thanks for sharing your creations!

    1. hmmm, that sound like a good idea, danae rem. Maybe making them more like bloomers would do the trick. I'm not that found of all the lace 7 years later, but with a bit of elastic around the hem, that might make them perfect. Thanks!

  3. That top is soooo pretty! What if the pants were shorter (cropped, bloomers)? The detail on them is lovely, but it doesn't show up very well when you're wearing them.

    1. Yes, danae rem suggested something similar that made me think of bloomers. I think running elastic or a ribbon around to gather them up a bit would be just the thing. It would both shorten and alter the line. I'll have a go at it.