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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Me and Kimono Hanging Out at the Church

on MeMadeMay'18, Day 24

~ yep ~

Actually I'm next to the church, at the rectory.  The whole establishment is huge and a few doors down from my house.  (In fact, you can see some of the edifice in the background of my backyard pix.) 

~ all aglow ~

 It was such a lovely day in the neighborhood (again), a walk was warranted.

~ no, I'm not being arrested ~

I've worn this before, but with different stuff.    I luv this kimono and how it accidentally came about.  You can see and read about it here, if you'd like.  Meanwhile, it's from a failed Tina Givens Meri pattern.

The pantaloons were self-drafted out of organza and attached to old yoga shorts.

~ black jersey and organza pantaloon ~

~ made with french seams and tucks ~

~ and very sheer ~

They were definitely influenced by this style icon:

~ Debra Rapaport, as seen on Advanced Style blog ~

~ newly received sandals from ebay ~

They are so comfortable and I never, never where thongs.  But when I saw how they were made and the heel/sole, I just couldn't resist.  Plus they were going for $15 and no one else bid on them. (?!)  The brand is Akaishi which was unknown to me before.


  1. I adore this outfit!
    I remember when you made these bloomers. They have stuck with me. I aspire to make some one day. You are now passing the idea on again.
    PS I think that is Debra Rapaport not Lyn Yeager.

    1. ooo, you're right, Jazzy Jack. Thanks, for saving the day!
      I made another pair in white organza too. Luv them both.

  2. Aha. Bloomers. Now I get it. For those of us who are just not going to wear pantyhose but like a layer there. for all the practical things that panty hose do.. Fancy pants liners. Aha.

    1. Oh, there much better than pantyhose. They're flowy, and pretty, and you can even wear them for exercising (or if your skirt blows up in the wind)!

  3. The self drafted pantaloons are brilliant! I myself have thought about making those yoga shorts into skirts. Love the slippers. In Hawaii we practically live in slippers.

    1. ooo Hawaii?! I actually wear the pantaloons quite a bit, especially with sheer-ish things. You know, 2 sheers make it alright.

  4. You know I love a kimono sleeve - I would wear that over everything! I really like the sheer underlayers you make - the loose top and these bloomers. Can I hire you to make me a top??

    1. Is there anything better than a kimono top? Okay, sheer layers. And bloomers. But other than those? Kimono sleeves are easier than regular sleeves because they don't have to fit. What do you have in mind? I bet you could do it yourself, Shelley. There's so many kimono patterns out there these days...