Project Minima:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kimono Me Now (with Oxfords)

MeMadeMay'18, Day #17

~ in poster version ~

Reached back in the vault for this one.  Made along while ago and revamped as I grew and it didn't.  The top went from wrap around to meeting in the center.  Still groovy though.

~ and in real life ~

The fabric is a crinkle cotton, lightweight, soft and comfy.

~ my goodness those shoes look like Mack trucks! ~

Must've been the angle...
They are not from ebay.  I don't remember where they came from, but they are old.  I know they were wrecked-up suede and I painted them with acrylic paints.  I had some lavender grosgrain ribbon that I used for the laces.  They are comfortable, but beginning to show they're age.  Do you think it's time they were retired?


  1. You've coordinated with the vine on the wall. Either that or it's photobombing you. In the photos, the shoes look swell. I'm beginning to show my age, too.

    1. No, I've just photobombed the vine. sigh, I'm certainly showing my age. That's why I have sympathy for the shoes. Although I don't mind retiring...

  2. I'm a sucker for a kimono sleeve! I can only retire shoes when they completely fall apart, or they start to hurt.

    1. Me too. What I hate is when rubber soled shoes just disintegrate. The nerve.