Thursday, May 10, 2018

Not Every Ensemble is a Poster Child

for MeMadeMay'18, Day #10.

~ yeah, see what I mean? ~

Even though I posterized it in photoshop.   
Do you even want to know what I have on?

Well, let's take another look-see.

~ hmmm... ~

Okay then.  The top dress is a fix-it-up-because-it-doesn't-quite-work Tina Givens April Dress pattern made from unused bed linens.   The underdress is self-drafted and made from a fancy white linen tablecloth that had scalloped edges.   The necklace is a grosgrain ribbon that was fastened onto gold elastic and tied onto a gift.

~ very old hand-painted monk-strap shoes ~

No, they did not come from ebay, but deep within my closet along time ago when they were messed up black suede.  I used various colors of acrylic paint and voila.

over and out.


  1. You pink! Yeah, you!

    Years ago, Dan Hinkley, noted plantsman and smartypants, was Garden Show lecturing, puts up a slide of an amazing spiky headed plant, and the audience whips out its collective notebooks to write down the name of the exotic they are going to buy en masse for the season. His answer: any plant can be any color you want with Krylon.

    Is the ribbon on a ribbon?

    1. Fuschia? Magenta? Hot Pink?
      The ribbon is still attached to the gold elastic and is the perfect size to wear around my neck. No adjustment needed.

  2. Well I admire this ensemble. I like a voluminous outfit and the pink is glorious, and well-punctuated by the white xx

    1. Okay, maybe I'll give it another chance then, Radostin. It was in the running for last place for this year's MMM. We'll see how it goes.


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