Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cooler By A Long Shot

MeMadeMay'18, Day #3

and just in time to wear my newly made polka dotted sweatshirt jacket.

~ for MeMadeMay, Day #3 ~

I used Marcy Tilton's very old and out of print Vogue 8620 jacket pattern.  It got such great reviews, I couldn't resist.  I did make it much larger so I could actually wear it over things, not just like a suit jacket.  I also made it 7" longer.  Oh, and I added a draw string around the huge collar, so I could scoop it up around my neck if I was chilly.  The pattern instructions were great and very easy to follow.

~ I made the rest of the stuff too ~

The pants are a tiny dotted stretch denim.   I used Tina Givens Norma Jeans pattern for them.  The top is dark gray cotton I made long ago with matching pants.  Later I added scrap bits of embroidered silk to edge the bottom.  And made a narrow scarf with what I had leftover.  You can see that ensemble here.

~ ebay galoshes complete me ~

I simply must link up with Spy Girl with my real bonafide polka dots today.


  1. "Ebay galoshes complete me" Best caption prize!
    I'm comparing these outfits with your early blog years remaking your old clothes. You've come a ways baby.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yikes, even I haven't done that comparison! I believe I've come into my own at this point, whereas initially I was trying to sew what I had to make it fit and look a bit better. Thanks for pointing the progress out, Jazzy Jack.

  2. That parka jacket is wonderful, a million times better than anything in the shops! xxx

  3. And the Dot of the Week Award goes to
    I just adore the concept of dotted stretch denim. ADORE!

    Thanks for linking, xxox.

    1. My pleasure, Anne. I'm just dottering.

    2. This makes you spot on.
      This is the first version I've seen of this jacket that looks good on someone. It's always looked hacked off at the hips to me. Also snuggy collar points awarded!

    3. ha ha ha. Yes, it is most snuggely. And now May has turned warmer...

  4. I agree with Jazzy Jack - your style has evolved since I first started following you. I would happily incorporate a lot of the pieces you make into my own closet.

    1. And now you can make them yourself!
      I know, the blog is like how pao found herself through sewing. and sewing. and sewing.


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