Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do I Look Like I'm...

on MeMadeMay'18, Day 22

a) goth?
b) in a nunnery?
c) dressed for Halloween?
d)  in my jammies?
e)  just odd?
f)  all of the above?
g) or???

~ I'll turn around while you decide ~

~ okay, no peeking ~

And I'll tell you about what I'm wearing.  The over dress is made in gauze and is from Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8834 top pattern.  What interested me was how it opens on a diagonal, so when I elongated it into a dress, it was extreme.  I also used snap tape rather than zillions of buttons and button holes.  The underdress I showed a few posts ago.  It's a linen tablecloth that I self-drafted.  I'm still trying to find something to wear with it.  I think this works the best so far, but it is rather dramatic.

~ the snaps! ~

Yeah, I'm not just showing off my shoes here.  And they're not even the same one's I wore  yesterday.  They're more of a Mary Jane type, but I'm wearing weird wrap-around-and-tie socks that make them look otherwise.

~nice Trippen Happy Blank shoes from ebay ~

And now it's your turn to participate.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say.  eek!


  1. You're one wimple short of a goth nun! I love this combo, by the way, it's the perfect summer early evening al fresco dining outfit, imo--though I would fall off those shoes after a glass of sangria or two.

    1. ahh, that's what I'm missing. I don't know, Rosa, the shoes are really strapped on well.

  2. I recently made something similar to wear to a dinner in NYC.
    Although I love it and I think it looks quite avant garde ala Rei Kawakuba, I was concerned that people would think I was wearing a shroud. I didn't wear it and during the dinner I had some regrets, especially regrets about not feeling comfortable when wearing my creation.

    1. awww, Cindy. Go wear that shroud out to breakfast right now! I bet its a stunner. As long as you love it, and it shows, that's all that matters. Right? Right.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Radostin,
      You can say that again.

  4. Get thee to a nunnery!
    What a dramatic outfit. You look so svelte and elegant in black. xxx

    1. That was my first thought, Vix. And then, witch. hmmm.

  5. You're rocking it! I have a hate/hate relationship with snap tape.

    1. Double hate for snap tape? Why so, bkind2all? I luv the stuff, except for the expense. I happened to have gotten that bunch at a big sale. woo-hoo!

  6. Damn, Vix stole what was going to be my opening line :( I think your tablecloth dresses are my favourite pieces that you make.


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