Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Feeling Alright in All White Today

on MeMadeMay'18, Day 29

~ more or less ~

Thank you all for your response to my last post about the blogosphere and my place in it.  I noticed just this evening that my email notifications started back up on bloggers I follow.  Let's see if anything else gets rectified.

~ hmm, what am I wearing? ~

The top is a wildly altered Tina Givens Lucca pattern made from cotton sheeting.  The dress under it is Tina Givens free Priscilla Slip pattern made with linen gauze.  And the pantaloons are self-drafted and made from the same linen gauze.

~ still thinking about all that tech stuff ~

 But here's a Silver lining:

~ my Trippen shoes from ebay ~


  1. It’s damselfly not anonymous! Grrr.. It won’t let me comment with my google ID this time.

    Ethereal! Good thing that unlike me you don’t have dyepots that suck in everything white in my stash. Adore the shoes too. They look very comfy.

    1. An anonymous damselfly! wow. It's so weird. I started getting email alerts from bloglovin' last night when bloggers I follow post, or when I post. But not when anyone comments on my blog. What?! Well thank goodness I switched anonymous on. No spammers coming through...yet.

      Dyepots sound like fun, but then I'd probably never sew anything. Yes they are comfy, but they look a little too shiny, shiny. Must scuff up. But maybe they go swell with spotless white.

  2. Alabama Anonymous loves it. Don't scuff up the shoes, they are perfect.

    1. Okay then, Alabama Anonymous, I'll leave them to age on their own terms.

  3. There's a fuss going on over at the Google help department regarding the emails No one is responding from Google on the topic, but I do get email notifications about other people making comments on the help topic conversation.

    The silver shoes are lovely and will be even lovelier with a little wear on them. I have them in red and they are so very comfortable.

    1. I have started receiving emails via bloglovin' on bloggers I follow when they post and when I post. But nothing yet when people comment on my post. That must be a google/blogspot issue then. Have you received any relevant info from your investigation?

      I would like them better if the silver tarnished a little. I wonder if I could help that along?

  4. I've noticed something else - I usually get an email notifying me that there's new comments awaiting moderation and this week, nothing. A heap of comments sitting in the blogosphere unpublished and unread.
    On a brighter note this wonderful outfit is very Belle Epoque, those shoes are perfect as they are. x


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