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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Accidental Turtle Neck

photo by Cubist Literature
Actually plenty of them and just in time for winter in Chicago.

Previously, I had cut many of my old tights into stockings (hence all the garter belts) since they no longer fit.  And I saved all the top portions (because that's what I do).

Then one cold day, I suddenly realized they

would work perfectly as mock turtle necks. So I found my bag of tight top remnants and cut off the crotch area, leaving a nice wide band of stretchy fabric.  Because they were made to fit around your waist in a stretched out format, they can now easily fit around your neck unstretched and comfortably.  No sewing necessary.  Easy washing.  And versatile, especially depending on the fabric and/or pattern of your tights in the first place.

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