Project Minima:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Get Over It

artwork by Elisabeth Lecourt
Continuing my year-end challenge, I certainly exhausted myself with this one.  A sheer blouse with attached sheer lining rehab.  No wonder it lay by the side of the road for so long.  It turned out wearable, but I'll win no prizes for it, let me tell ya.  Yikes, the sewing is Frankenstein-ian, although you can't fault me for trying...and trying...and trying.... 

Well.  The material was so fragile, it simply

disintegrated when touched, i.e. frayed like crazy. 
And my attempts at seam finishing looks horrendous.  Not to mention there are so many inserts added to the piece, it just multiplies the effect.  In the end, it doesn't fit all that much better anyway!  Whatevah!  What's done is done.

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