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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Long and Winding Road -or- Indecision's Killing Me

artwork by Moki Mioke.
Check 2 more off the year end challenge. After the last fiasco, I thought I'd go for some thing real simple. So I chose a shirt that only

had buttons to sew on. Ha. It was a black shirt that I had taken out the darts to fit better. It also had this weird button configuration with two buttons close together, a space and then two close together, etc., etc.  I had changed it up, adding some buttons in those blank spaces.  Well, fast forward and it seems I don't like those button choices at all now.  So off goes button after button.  But not all at once, no, no, no.  I have to debate this - do a little show and tell with it.  Go through my button stash (two cookie tins worth) over and over.  Sample this one and that one.  Not just that, I sew it on, cut it off, sew another on, cut it off, repeat sequence, then rearrange.  Nuff said, but I do like the final product, I think.

Next, and more of the same process, my black combat boots that had previously been rehabbed with velvet cuffs.  They suddenly corroded on the outer sides something terrible.  Off came the cuffs and after several ideas came and went, I settle on gold glitter of course.  The surface was so disrupted it needed something drastic to cover it.  First I just thought I'd try that cheap glitter glue in a tube and smeared it on the gusseted section where the shoe laces go.  I let it dry and actually liked the effect - somewhat subtle as far as gold glitter goes, and it actually adhered well.  But it seemed like I needed something more intense to cover the really yucky areas.  I got some fabric (flexible & permanent) glue and coated the area with it and sprinkled fat glitter particles on it. I liked how it looked, let it dry and started in on the other boot.  This is where that thing starts to happen.  I do the same thing to the other boot.  Re-coat it with glue, add more glitter of a smaller particle size, do it again, with dust-size glitter, drying in between.  Worry that the more layers of glue, the more likely it will crack and peel.  Decide I don't like it thick and gold, prefer the first boot with the spattering of large glitter and some black boot showing through.  Want to take it all off.  Scrub it with a stiff brush.  Nothing happens.  Think about all kinds of possibilities.  I Know to Stop.  period.  Let it be.  What did my Mother use to say to me as a child..."There are people starving in China."

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