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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Attempt At Sorting It

okay, okay, I put in my 15 minutes today.  30 minutes actually until I became over-whelmed.  Still.  Maybe I'll go back in and do more...

artwork by Simon Evans.
My true love had said "just pick up the garbage" so I armed myself with a trash bag and went in.  I immediately got side-tracked with sorting my scrap fabric by color!  That was fun. Then I emptied one of many tote bags full of

traveling to-do stuff:  Hey, some old fruit (in a plastic bag thank goodness)!  Oh, and my sewing/ reading glasses, oh, and that copper paint I was using on those sandals, oh, and here's those bobbins...  This led to my organizing spools of thread by color.  When I began picking out all the half-started sewing projects, I just stopped in my tracks, gently laid them back down and quietly left, closing the door behind me.  phew, that was a close call.

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