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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Break On Through...

Yea!  With a little help from the dearest one, that is.  Thank goodness he was off today to give me shots of encouragement as needed.  Spent much more than 15 minutes this morning digging in and doing the things that must be done.

painting by Ray Caesar.
It's all still a mess, but it's more of a controlled mess now - at least in one of the rooms.  Everything is off the floor in the studio and only sewing stuff is in there now - no art supplies (sorta).  Most of the art materials are in the supply room and need to be organized, but there's still lots of sewing stuff in there too, so

that needs to be re-configured.  (But hold on, don't get ahead of yourself...)  I'm also going to take the floor coverings off to get back to the nice hardwood floors.  They don't need to be protected anymore since I haven't been doing any messy art-making for awhile.  (How many years since the last encaustic sculptures?)  And the Mr. took all the huge pieces of driftwood down to the garage that I had stored on the enclosed back porch, so I have that space opened up.  I feel good, dooda, dooda, dooda, doo.

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