Project Minima:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How the Universe Provides..?

Coming up on a milestone birthday and the first anniversary of my blog in June, not coincidently.  What has occurred at the same time, without planning however, is my true love's drastic reduction in hours at work.  The resultant cut also makes our health insurance coverage null & void effective immediately.  yeah.  Good thing I've been practicing Project Minima, huh?!  And liking it too. 

painting by Wayne White.
Meanwhile...I've been going down the block to an exercise place for quite awhile now, first as a devotee, and in later years, less often, as a slug.  So yesterday, the owner was in and I asked about the possibility of working there, yada yada yada, for all the obvious reasons.  Be careful what you ask for!   Too funny.  Right away she says,

I want you to show me your commitment and come in 4 times next week.  okay...On Monday anytime, on Wednesday at noon for group calisthenics.  I hate calisthenics and following a leader in a group.  That's good she says, then you'll be a good role model for members who complain about it.  okay. On Thursday come in at 6 am.  I get up early, no problem.  And on Saturday come in at 10 am when I'm here to talk to you.  Okay.  Oh, and make sure you get a Fitness Assessment when you come in on Monday.  A what?  Weighed in and measurements taken.  sigh, okay.

So that's the deal, prove my commitment and then meet with her to see what she can offer me.  It's all good.  I live a block away.  I really need the exercise, I could use the structure, I'm under-employed, available, and won't have the money to pay for it.  Stay tuned.  Talk about getting it all together!   From studio space to physical fitness - or- controlling conspicuous consumption.


  1. I'm so sorry about the sudden loss of health insurance, which should not happen, ever, to anyone!!! You had me laughing out loud as you describe your conversation with the owner of the fitness studio. Sounds like you are getting it all together!

    1. Thanks for saying, Judith.
      One way or another, I'm trying to be open to what's there right in front of me!