Project Minima:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Heavy Lifting Involved

painting by Eric Budovitch.
Moved some shelving units around today, from the supply room to the studio.  Inch by inch, but I did it, yea!  And started putting some of the sewing stuff on shelves.  Not sure what goes where yet, but I'm starting to get excited about possibilities.  And it doesn't seem too crowded yet.   Still lots to do.

Decided I will move my sewing machine from
it's cute little space in front of the window in the supply room out into the studio where everything sewing-related is now located.  I can use that small table for drawing, art-making instead.  Makes sense since that's where all the art supplies are now organized.


  1. I find that recreating space and organizing is powerful!

    1. Yes, yes it is. Thanks for reminding me.