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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Studio of Our Own X 2

Rolling up two layers of linoleum covering the hardwood floor was the studio task for today.  It wasn't glued down since I originally put it there to protect the flooring in the first place from my messy art-making materials and processes.  After finishing, the Mr. and I just sat there and enjoyed the view.  smile. 

painting by Sopio Chkhikvadze.
I also brought up the subject of his closet (which he has to access through my studio...ahem).  I mentioned, wouldn't it be nice for him to have a bigger closet that he could enter from the hallway or...  Anyway, we were able to calmly discuss the possibility of expanding his closet through the adjoining wall of an unused office closet in the next room,

thereby using that closet as his entrance.  I could "see" him seriously considering it.  That would be soooo cool.  

I'm grateful for what I have, certainly - but we have the room, and it would sure be nice to have an uninterrupted space to work in that's all my own.  He does have his own studio space where I rarely go.  He loves the basement and the garage.  Is that a guy thing?  He's gradually converted the entire basement into his studio, setting it up exactly how he wants/ needs it.

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