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Monday, May 14, 2012

To Be and To Have

Okay, I declare the studio and art supply room are done and done.  The studio is really cleaned and completely re-organized to my satisfaction and the supply room is good enough to move on.  That took 2 weeks to do with intervening naps when overwhelmingness over came me.
artwork by Alli Arnold.
That leaves the enclosed back porch (if I really need more space) and the dressing room as the next target areas.   I just can't bring myself to deal with that disaster area - aka my dressing room - right now.  awwkk!  It is filled with all the clothes unearthed from ___________ (fill in the blank).

It was about this time last year when I started Project Minima and decided to do something about my accumulation of things, especially clothes.  What I had decided to do was remake whatever didn't fit, I didn't like, or wear. So now I have all this unwearable stuff that has become my fabric stash, so to speak.

 I've spent the year re-fashioning, not buying any new fabric, or any new clothes, or even any new used clothes.   Now the refashioning is mixed in with all that stuff.

What I want to do next, is get my dressing room to hold only what I currently wear, that is what I've refashioned and nothing else!  All this other stuff has to go somewhere else and await reuse.  I'd like to roll each piece up like fabric and store it on shelves in color order - like I do my fabric stash.  I need to be able to see it, to use it.  But that's going to take a massive amount of room - hence, the enclosed porch.  And that will be a story for another time...

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