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Items from PROJECT MINIMA: YEAR 4, 3rd. QTR. (12-1-14 /

From 2-10-15  How to Wear a Flannel Sheet
Lotus duster by Tina Givens made from flannel sheet
detail of Alabama Chanin-like ruffle embellishment
view of closed collar
hemline in front
side view

side hemline
back view
doily detail
back hem

From 1-27-15  You Can Fake It 'til You Make It

cartoon dress - front

sleeve and cuff


back view
back detail

From 1-11-15  Fashion and Cleaning: Work Out
my pink print chiffon dress called Adele by Tina Givens
bodice detail

skirt which I rather drastically altered

detail of neckline binding, same front and back.

From 12-29-14  December Beauties
my rose hips velvet dress with milk chocolate brown linen trim
detail, pattern is called Bethany by Tina Givens

ruffle, hand-sewn because my machine wouldn't do it.

linen added to hemline and left raw edged

linen facing hand sewn with zig-zag stitch at raw edge

also at sleeveless edge.

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: YEAR 3, 3rd. QTR. (12-1-13 / 2-28-14)

front of hand-sewn jacket
back view

detail of hand-stitching

and pattern derived from

From 2-6-14 (New) Shoes and a Coat

but made last quarter, photographed this quarter 
Velvet and Tapestry Reversible Jacket

close-up of organza slashed overlay

derived and deviated from this pattern

From 2-2-14  Boy, Am I Outta Whack
my hand-sewn purple hat, ala Alabama Chanin
Later, I made another to match my gifted fingerless gloves

From 1-13-14  Making Fingerless Gloves

my trial fingerless gloves loosely based on Alabama Chanin
More successful and more deviated from AC

made with very thin stretchy knit

From 1-6-14  Fabric Scraps to Fiber Jewels

One made for Mom cuz she liked them...

Untitled Necklace Set
Black Magic Necklace Set
Black and Tan Necklace Set
Gold Bound Necklace Set

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You can see more close ups of all these necklaces by clicking on the post link highlighted above.

From 12-28-13  Fabric Scraps Gems
Necklace Set for S
Necklace Set for E
Necklace Set for V
Scarf/ shawl with matching fingerless gloves for SS

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: YEAR 2, 3rd. QTR. (12-1-12 / 2-28-13)

From 2-13-13
Using up every bit of scrap corduroy for my self-designed top
a center front pleat to take up excess fabric

contrast band to add length along bottom edge
not enough fabric, so sleeves are cut in sections, going vertical & horizontal

From 2-7-13
DIY fingerless gloves for sewing when it's cold!
Made from really well-worn leather gloves

From 2-1-13
My forest green light-weight knit pants
made from a leggings pattern (only bigger) to create straight-leg pants

From 1-13 Rolling, Rolling...
made-from-scratch, light-weight knit, cocoon top

from this pattern, bottom right

From 1-18-13  Let's Party Like It's...
the pattern for really baggy pants
front view
and back
and just laying on the floor

 From 1-3-13  Pat In The Hat
first time using knit top

neckline detail

hem using machine double needle

old pattern I found that had hats!
Knit Hat #1 with button flower
Knit Hat #2, beret style
all fabric from E

From 12-31-12  This is It For Now
 the pattern that started it all

front view
 back view

front hemline

back hemline

and view underneath hem

plus me checking out the hem - i.e., not styling it!

From 12-24-12  Cheers to One and All
my corduroy leftovers turned into tunic top
with not-so-hidden large pockets
and back with another cord fabric leftover
the pattern I started with only slight variations
First I had made this straight ankle length skirt
with kick-pleat in the back
see how nice and soft it is?

Then the tunic top came into being with all the leftover fabric, and when I put them on together (which was not my original intention) voila, my kimono-esque outfit appeared.
and don't forget the Megan Mae-inspired button pin made from the center hole cut out from the Banksy poncho below.

view of Banksy painted top on dressmaker

side view of wrap-around sleeve

back view

side view
button and loop fastener on sides

top opened up and laid flat on floor

From 12-6-12
another pair of pinwale corduroy pants from Marcy Tilton's design
This time in a faded denim color - with those big pockets!
and knee darts!

Items from PROJECT MINIMA: YEAR ONE, 3rd. QTR.:  (12-1-11 / 2-29-12)

From 2-29-12  Making Good From Scraps
Reversible Vest #2 using reversible fabrics (Side A)
detail of hand-made bias tape
inside view
back view
Side B of Reversible Vest #2
This vest is in the March Thrifty Upcycle Challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers

From 2-23-12  A Vested Interest
close up of pocket
inside view

reverse - front
reverse - back
reverse - pocket close-up
reverse - inside view
See the outfit I'm wearing with it on my Clothes Collage page

From 2-22-12  The Next Generation
a sweetie in my mom's hand-sewn pink dress with matching bonnet
happy as can be in hand-sewn satin-lace gown with matching bonnet

From 2-21-12  Tools of the Trade
sneak peek at reversible vest lacking collar - check out hand-made bias tape & turned ties!

From 2-14-12  Process Pending
 here's the pieces for 2 vests in process, same style...

then hey, why not just go with reversible!?!

...and the trouble with tie fasteners:  turning them inside-out

From 2-8-12  Tunic Tune-Up
Another tunic that didn't fit - before
Asian-esque Tunic Remodeled - after
back view

This tunic is in the Valentine's Day Challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers
detail of relocated buttons
close up of side insert under sleeve
and added side seam pockets in solid red

From 2-6-12 Come On, Everthin's Gonna Be Alright
Asian-esque Tunic - Before

Remodeled to fit, front view and...
...back view with evened-out hemline

detail of side insert under sleeve (I still had the same fabric!!)

Added side seam pockets - yeah!

From 2-3-12  Take an Ordinary Coat...
Old Camel Coat Recon ...(no before pix, but hey)

new buttons, sewn single-breasted
random sequins and seed beads applied
and clusters of  pearls on the collar
plus the Sewing Rebellion Badge brooch
See me wearing it on my Clothes Collage page, "A Cold & Rainy Day"

black transparent top made for over/ under layering

From 1-27-12  Cut the Shift!
linen shift before
linen vest after

detail of vest neckline and lining
detail  of  large patch pockets
shown now with feather collar!
...which is (thankfully) detachable
See me wearing it (sans feathers!) on my Clothes Collage page, "Linen Looks"

From 1-23-12  My Madeline Dress
Rehabbed black cotton eyelet dress with gray eyelet additions

detail of sleeve and side insert
See what I wear it with on my Clothes Collage page, "Me and My Madeline Dress"

From 1-19-12  In Need of Pantaloons
tight gray capri-length yoga pants...

...with added ruffle are perfect as pantaloons!

tight black capri-length yoga pants...

...with added ric-rac ruffling make great pantaloons too!

From 1-18-12  I Am Kimono Cut ReDo
Altered Kimono Dress 2 inches smaller...

...with a seam right down center front and back

and added groovy pockets at the side seams!

From 1-16-12  Over, Under, Sideways, Down
the T-shirt before...
and the reversible T-shirt Skirt after

An inside view made with another T-shirt

The yoga pants waistband...

& close-up view of shirt sleeve turned pocket

From 1-12-12  I Once Was Lost...
old high-waisted, pleated denim trousers - before

after - new, lower waistband, with pleats removed jeans

darkness is where denim didn't fade from pleats (kinda cool looking...)

 let the hem down on the pant legs to reveal all the cool textures!

Re-modeled camisole with added fringe,

and gathered straps with tiny bows

From 1-6-12 Add-To Re-Do
remember this 'before' pix from 12-17...?
I've added a tulle yoke to that remake

detail of  tulle yoke overlay sewn with multi-colored thread
See it layered on my Clothes Collage page

From 1-3-12 Gold Trimmin'

printed gauze tunic from scratch - one side

and the other side - with gold organza trim on hem

detail of gold organza trim on sleeve
And see my outfit on the Clothes Collage page, "Picasso's Actor & Moi" and "Tangerine Dream"

the black shirt that keeps on buttoning...

close-up and personal

those buttons!
 then there's the combat boots that used to be velvet cuffed...
 until the sides corroded & glitter came to the rescue!

From 12-23-11 Get Over It
Sheer lined blouse rehab - oh my

showing sleeve and side inserts

close-up of blouse fabric, inserts, and lining

inside view of blouse lining and its insert
I am not showing the bad stuff.
But you can see me layering it on my Clothes Collage page with a David Hockney painting!

Rehabbed white blouse combo

detail of side insert

view of sleeve inset and back
detail of front inset and new (old) buttons
Check it out on my Clothes Collage page, "Self-Portrait ala Frida Kahlo"

Before - overlarge beach cover-up
I removed the collar, pockets, cuffs and side slits and added stuff.
Mirror image of my Ensemble of which the revised tunic is but a part is the black suede & satin trimmed vest, miniature rosary case necklace, gray cotton skirt, pantaloons and velvet cuffed army boots - all refashioned by me in the last 6 months!!!

From 12-15-11 Picture Perfect
Pantaloons made from Mom's kitchen curtains

detail of bottom ruffles and...

 couldn't resist adding left over bit of ruffle for a pocket
Check it out on my Clothes Collage page, "Self-Portrait ala Frida Kahlo"

 From 12-10-11 Know When to Walk Away
Before - leopard/op-art print sheath...

with matching boxers

After - mirror image with refashioned leopard print tunic & wine skirt
Even tho it looks the same, let me tell you - it actually has new sleeves, a new neckline, a big ole pocket on one side, different pattern inserts on both sides and the option of tying the uneven hem up in a knot on one side.


From 12-8-11 Wine/ Burgundy Transformation

Linen-esque suit - Before
Skirt refashioned to fit - After
Close-Up of additional side panel and patch pocket
detail of  funky side panel
and patch pocket

A Mock Turtle Neck
Initially:  Tights cut off to become stockings
Later: the idea to cut off crotch area to make turtle neck...
Just turn upside down, put over head, and voila...
a cozy, comfy, neck-warming turtle neck - with no sewing!

From 12-5-11 Black Holes
Black silk long underwear top with a few holes
detail of lace rose applique covering tiny hole

From 12-4-11 The Golden Section

Tunic Top Before
Tunic Top After, refitted

Using cut-off sleeve fabric to create side inserts and ruffle addition
detail of the original groovy buttons


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