Project Minima:

Friday, May 8, 2020

MMM'20: The Lumberjack Look

on a bright and sunny, cold day in May.

~ Yep, that's me, by the tree ~

Wearing a woven double knit using Vogue 9330, which I modified by adding long cuffs to match the large cowl neck.  I used the back of the fabric (gray) for those pieces.

Oh, and I changed the length, having the side insert shorter than the front and back.  Why not?  One reason is I was short of fabric and had to cut the sides on the diagonal.  And then the plaids kinda matched up.  Hey, cool.

The pants were made of leftover jersey knit from the the dress I wore on the first day of MeMadeMay'18!   New Look 6533 is the pattern used for the pants.

~ worn with lumberjack-type boots from ebay ~

And back to the mask,

with shades to match!

See you later...


  1. I bow to your mask matching/color coordination. Working on masks for family today, so they can match more of my summer novelty print wardrobe.

    1. Kudos to you, kid. I realized in doing this year's MMM, that I have so many fabric scraps, I could do endless masks for any and every occasion.

  2. You look very cozy, and extremely well coordinated.

    1. And even camouflaged within my backyard. One does what one can in times of quarantine.