Project Minima:

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

MMM'20: Tina Givens Velvets

on a Winter's Day

~ or at least it feels like it ~

~ I actually bought the velvet from Tina way back when ~

I was making her Bethany dress pattern at the time, last seen on me here in 2015.  As you can see, I later changed things up by removing the bodice from the skirt.  I just never wore it as it was.  And do as it is now.   (I have yet to decide what to do with the skirt part...)

Since I still had leftover velvet, I also made TG's Phoebe pants shown above, using other scraps of velvet for the cuff and side inserts.  I've made at least half a dozen of these pants.

The stretch mesh shirt I wear a lot too.  It's made from Vogue 8450 with slight modifications.

 And it all goes deliciously with my Doc Marten's from ebay

~ yesssss ~

~ and the Masked Mug Shot of Yours Truly ~

'til later,


  1. I am always so impressed at how your outfits are perfectly coordinated, from mask to fabulous shoes. This outfit is the perfect blend of comfy and fancy.

    1. And you know, Shelley, I never make things with that in mind. They just end up going together because I've made/have so much stuff and I use every last drop. It is comfy and soft. Just the Docs take all day to put on or take off!

  2. It always amazes me that you can take a basic pattern and turn it into something wonderful! P.S. I like the housedress from your previous post. I'd like to make one and am waiting for inspiration.

    1. Sometimes it's just the fabric itself that does it. In terms of housedresses, my absolute favorite pattern for them is by Marcy Tilton V8813, nicknamed the French Housedress. I've made at least 6 of them from vintage tablecloths. You could find those posts by looking up her name in my index.

  3. I love your talents have a craft room with so many awesome fabrics in it, I can hardly enter. I want to make beautiful prices like you do but I am stuck. What made you a art sewing? I have been sewing since a young age but not creatively such as yourself. Maybe it is your art background that comes through? Just wanted to know your thoughts, just came soon your 2014 summer clothes hung posts, loved your style!