Project Minima:

Thursday, May 7, 2020

MMM'20: Unadorned.

Lockdown does that to you.

~ and mask-less too! ~

This is from Simplicity 9018 made in a heathered sweater knit.   

So soft and comfy, to say the least.  

~ woo-hoo, and a side view ~

And very plain.

So I decided to add the "vest" shown on the pattern cover.  
You may recall one of my top 5 disasters from 2019 here 

I chose to resurrect it into what you see below:

~ ta-dah ~

Yes, I modified the vest pattern a bit,
since I was working from something already cut and made.  
But I do think it works much better than what I had originally.  
(How could it not?!)  

The neckline helps immensely, in my opinion.  
And having shorter sleeves means 
I don't get caught on everything with all those loose loops.

~ But wait, there's more... ~

I added ruching to the dress!  
All the way from the hem, up the side seam, to above the waist.  

First I tried self-fabric ties, 
but they were was way too thick and bulky.  

In rummaging through my sundries stash, 
I found a length of gray grosgrain ribbon that worked perfectly.  
I ran it up through one side of the casing I had created,
and then down the other side.
Ending with both ribbon ends dangling out at the hemline.
 Pull to ruche and then tie in a double bow.
They won't slip out cuz...grosgrain.  

I liked the way it created an asymmetrical hemline 
and just added more interest in general.  
But if I wanted a straight up and down look, 
I can just un-ruche it. 

~ worn with super comfy shoes from ebay ~

'til the morrow.


  1. You fooled me in the beginning, just a grey dress. The transformation is restorative to me. Thank you, stay safe, stay well, stay warm!

    1. Ha! Transforming and Restoring. Now that's the ticket. So far, so safe, well and warm. And the same to you, SJ Kurtz.

  2. If I had a dress like that grey one I would be wearing it everyday as my "work from home dress". I like that you can change up the hem, and I think the vest looks great worn over it.

    1. Hi Shelley, Yes, this is a favorite wear around the house dress - including wearing right into bed, it's just so cuddly.