Project Minima:

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

MMM'20: Lockdown Loungewear

~ yes, here I am in my jersey knit ensemble ~

Made decades ago from who knows what pattern.  But the top was recently scaled up to size by adding two triangular scraps of similar fabric into the side seams.  

~ ooo, it's still cold out ~

Now, of course, everything is a bit baggy due to the weight loss from this and last year's exercise/nutrition regime I've been on.  And that is okay by me.

~ ahh, that's better ~

The red canvas coat is made from the Tina Givens Elena pattern, last seen here.

Here's the obligatory shoe shot:

~ clogs from ebay ~

And the Lockdown Look must-have:

~ a me made mask ~

Hope to see you tomorrow...


  1. This is the best "fancy jammies" look ever - great print! I'm a big fan of the red canvas coat too.

    1. Well you know, all my clothes must be sleep-able as well as wearable, cuz you never know. I like the canvas coat too and want to make another, but, do I really need 2 of them?!