Project Minima:

Friday, May 15, 2020

MMM'20: A Handmaid's Tale

When I was undressing last night 
and saw this red dress without the overdress, 
I realized I had everything I needed:  cap, mask, boots 
and even St. Corona gloves.  
Well, those were a bonus.  

~ for my version of a Handmaid ~

~ Don't you think so? ~

~ here's a back view of it all ~

The dress is from Katherine Tilton's OOP Vogue 6334 made in a mesh stretch knit.  

I copied the hat from one I bought from Secret Lentil, but apparently she's closed right now.  You can see the one I purchased from her, here.  I know she has more of the same style in a variety of interesting colors.

You can see the one I made out of a thick canvas last worn in MMM'19, here.

~ Handmaid in her docile, subservient role ~

~ and here she is not taking it any more ~

~ with Doc Marten combat boots ready for anything ~

~ an extra large masked and capped mug shot ~
So you're able to see the details of my decorated St Corona gloves. 

I was seriously compelled to make these after reading Catherine McEver's Corona posts.  I liberally combined several of her ideas, techniques and fascinating information from Stuff You Can't Have.  

A truly must read blog for our time, or any time.

Hope to see you soon,


  1. The rare close up of your beautiful eyes
    That pic is a painting another
    one of your many
    This post gives me giddy sparks
    serious mirth
    Love the way your mind works/plays

    1. Oh my, Anonymous. Your poetic response gives me giddy sparks and much more! Thank you for that.

  2. A rather bad-ass handmaid! I love the "St. Corona" gloves.

    1. ooo, thank you, ma'am. I actually made several pairs of the St. Corona gloves. Once I got started...